Mix07 Day 1-Session 3

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Okay, for the Keynote and the first two sessions I learned stuff that I cannot use in my day-to-day programming because (and take your pick here):

  1. It’s not released yet
  2. The version that will do what I need it to do is the next version after the one we are currently developing
  3. I can’t get away from .NET 1.1, what makes me think I can do something in 2.0 or 3.0 much less 3.5?

So, I decided to attend a talk that would actually be of some use, “Internet Sites with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007” also known as MOSS 2007. Tyler Butler started by showing us the new Hawaiian Airlines site which was built using MOSS2007. Very impressive. You should go take a look.

He then read a few slides from his PPT, and then tried to do a demo… but he couldn’t get the projector to switch to his demo machine from his PPT machine. I paid how much to come to a conference to learn how to do my job better only to have the presenter unable to demo what he’s talking about?

I would like to say that his hand waving and slide deck made up for the fact that there was no demo, but it’s a little hard to understand the concepts when there wasn’t even a single screen shot that we could look at.

In his credit he did tell people that they could come up after the Q&A session to see the demos. All in all MOSS2007 sounds like a great product, and a worthy successor to MCMS.

Now if only I could get my feet wet with it.

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