Dual Screen What About UWP

Monday, February 10, 2020

Dual Screen preview and Microsoft 365 Developer Day is coming up tomorrow morning. I’m in Redmond for this great event and I really can’t wait ot hear what they have to say. Tonight in preparation for the event I read through the documentation found linked to the blog post linked above. It made a lot of sense. There’s the Java tools for Android that make dual screen development easier, but not in my wheel house. There’s Windows 10X information. In that you will find a JavaScript and CSS proposals to make web development and PWA development easier. In fact they already have polyfills ready for development today. Now we just need an emulator to play with. I guess that will be coming tomorrow, or do you think that Edge in the Android emulator can display in dual screen now? In the mean time I have to call out the total lack of UWP documentation. For a while now a lot of pundits have been claiming that UWP is dead. I think just the opposite, but with a total black out on new stuff for it I’m starting to agree. They’ve already taken away UWP apps written in JavaScript. Are they really going to quietly kill off UWP too? I’m really curious as to what you think. Let me know on Twitter. I’m @spatacoli on there.

UPDATE: Ah ha! There’s now a schedule and the first thing they talk about is “How Windows 10X Runs UWP and Win32 Apps.” It’ll be very interesting to hear what they have to say. Check it out online here .

UPDATE 2: Today was the day and there it is:

Container system on Windows 10X

Look at how all the UWP apps run in their own containers and Win32 Apps have to all live in one container. I think Microsoft is serious about UWP. What do you think?

Windows 10X

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Windows Template Studio

Dual Screen or Foldable Screen