Intel NUC 10

Sunday, May 3, 2020

I have been using an old Gigabyte Brix computer for about 7 years as a secondary computer. Mostly I use it on my Twitch stream to keep track of the chat. It does the job, but if I tried to do too many things at once with it, it would bog down and run really slow. It maxed out at 16GB of RAM and I had a 256GB mSATA drive in it. For the most part I ran Ubuntu on it, although I have had Arch and Mint on it too.

I wanted something that I could easily offload some of the workloads of my main computer. You know, run Spotify, Twitter, Discord, and Teams on while my main computer can be held for just coding and streaming activities. Also I need a small file server to house some work repositories and some files. I finally decided to upgrade. I bought an Intel NUC 10 computer. It has an i7-10710U processor with 6 cores and 12 threads. I put 64GB of RAM in it and a 500GB M.2 NVMe drive. To say it is faster than the old computer it replaces is an understatement. This thing is so fast that I never see the Ubuntu boot screen. It goes straight from POST to login. I can easily run all of the workloads that I need. Plus it can display greater than 1080p so I can replace my old secondary monitor with a 4K one soon.

So far this is a great little computer and I couldn’t recommend it enough to people. Maybe I should get a second one and replace my main computer too!

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